Pampered Paws Grooming Services

Please Note: Extra charges may be incurred for heavily matted, and/or flea infested coats. This is because of extra time that must be taken to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, and parasite prevention costs as a result within the salon.

We handstrip terriers where possible.

We encourage regular grooming so your dog can look and feel its best.
Pampered Paws pick up and delivery van
Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos, cheques, internet banking and cash accepted. Visa and Mastercard accepted

We offer a pick-up and drop-off service in Masterton, Carterton and Greytown.


 Bath Blow-dry and nails

Jade drying off Pepper. Drying off Pepper.
Dog Size
Small $45 - 50
Medium $55 - 65
Large $70 - 80
Extra Large P.O.A.

 Full Groom 
 which encompasses bath, clip and style/or strip-out where appropriate, ears plucked where necessary, and nails.

Jade giving Cybil a bath. Giving Cybil a bath.
Dog Size
Extra Small Dogs $45 - 70
Small Dogs $75
Medium $90
Large $110
Extra Large $140+
 Between groom 

Rogan doesn't need a mirror to tell him he looks cool. Rogan doesn't need a mirror to
tell him he looks cool.
Face trim $15
Nail trim $15
or Face and Nails $25
Before and after Before and after: hard to believe that this is the same dog in all four pictures!